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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Six Who Wait

If you've read any of our blog before, you surely have noticed that I am passionate about the orphans in Ethiopia. There are nearly 5 MILLION of them in this country we have fallen in love with.

We are so excited to have partnered with Children's Hopechest to sponsor a precious girl in Ethiopia. Every month, our $34 goes to helping provide food, medical needs, education, and Christian discipleship to this beautiful girl. But it doesn't stop at just her physical and educational needs. We are also sending letters and pictures to her, encouraging her, taking an interest in her life, and praying for her. We have her picture hanging up so that she is always on our minds.

The care center where our sponsor child is located is called Trees of Glory. We recently received this e-mail from the sponsorship coordinator, Karen Wistrom, updating us on Trees of Glory...

"This rural community (located 2 hours north of the capital city, Addis Ababa) has been very affected by famine and poverty. Most of the kids at TOG are double-orphans (meaning they have lost both parents) and are living with a relative or neighbor that is not able to provide for them. As a result, many of the kids were being "sold" as an indentured servant to local livestock owners to work night and day herding cattle.

What a heart-wrenching decision for these families to decide to "sell" one child in order to feed the other children in their care. Children's Hopechest discovered that many of the children were being paid about $12 PER YEAR for their labor. Without the intervention of the local government that is requiring the guardians to bring the children to the care-point, and Children's Hopechest who is setting up the sponsor program, these children would never have had the opportunity to go to school or rise up out of poverty!

Now that over half of the children are sponsored, we can fully implement a regular feeding program at Trees of Glory!!! As we match the remaining children with sponsors, we will be able to expand the feeding program to include 2 nutritious meals each day, along with protein (eggs and meat)! Sponsorship ensures that each child has food, clothing, medical care, education and Christian discipleship.

The Ethiopia staff of Children's Hopechest is already meeting with the kids every week - counseling, mentoring, teaching biblical stories and demonstrating the love of God for these kids. It is our hope that by September, we will be able to start a school on the grounds at TOG."

Now, here is the GREAT news... there are only 6 kids still waiting to be sponsored! In one month, 78 children have been matched with a sponsor family!! The financial commitment, letters, care, concern and prayers of these sponsor families is already having a tremendous impact on the lives of these children.

But what about the 6 who wait? When letters are received and names are called, do they yet realize that there is not a family for them?

If you have ever felt a tug in your heart for the orphans, please consider sponsoring a child. There are SIX who are waiting for someone to love them, provide for them, and change the course of their lives. Is one waiting for you?

Please contact Karen Wistrom (by clicking on her name) for more information on the children still waiting to be sponsored.

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