"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Monday, July 19, 2010

Make Room for Baby

The carpet installers just arrived and the official preparations for baby Herwehe are now underway! We decided when we began our adoption journey that Ellie and Erin would share a room (they are the closest in age and the youngest) Emma, as the oldest, would have her own room, and baby boy would be in the nursery. The problem is that Emma is currently in the largest room, so Ellie and Erin will need to move into that room, Emma will need to move into Ellie's room, and Erin will need to move out of the nursery to make room for baby! Whew. Confused yet?

Since we had to empty out all of the bedrooms anyway for the new carpet, we decided it just made sense to go ahead and switch all of the bedrooms around now. The kids are super-excited for their new bedrooms and the little ones think its so cool to be sharing a room (We'll be reminding them of this when they're teenagers!). The parents are a little less excited for all of the work that lies ahead in moving and reorganizing three bedrooms!

Daunting? Yes. Overwhelming? A little. Disorganized? Totally. Worth it? Absolutely!

Bring on the chaos...

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  1. We did the same thing! All three of our kids had to switch rooms around and the week we decided to begin this chaos our social worker called to schedule our first in home hs visit... For two days later!!! I dont think I sat down much less slept for about 48 hours getting everything switched around and looking normal again! Good Luck!