"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Friday, October 15, 2010

And He Shall Be Called...

Does he have a name yet?

We've been asked this question quite a bit lately, and the answer is... Yes, he does!

Obviously, with three daughters named Emma, Ellie and Erin, we've created a bit of tradition when it comes to naming our children. We didn't start out that way, but after the first two, we didn't want to leave out the third, and now we definitely don't want to leave out the fourth.

So, we've known all along that we wanted to name our son an "E" name. We tossed around several ideas (Ezra, Evan, Ezekiel, Elijah), but also kept in mind that if he happened to be given a name in Ethiopia that began with an "E" that we would keep that as his first name. So, we did not officially name him until after we received our referral and learned of his Ethiopian name. The name he was given by his birthmother is beautiful and has a very special meaning to him and his birth family. We love it dearly, but it begins with a "G." (Unfortunately, we can't share it here until we've passed court in Ethiopia and he legally becomes our son.) His Ethiopian name is such a special gift to him from his birth family and really is the only thing he will be bringing with him when we are able to bring him home. It is also a special connection he will always have to his culture and his heritage. So we have decided to keep his Ethiopian name as his middle name and for his first name...


Elias is actually a somewhat common name in Ethiopia; which is really special to us, and it means, "the Lord is God." What a great statement of faith! We love the name and we love the boy whose name it is.


  1. I love the name :) wondering...where did you get the owl diaper bag? very cute

  2. How awesome!! i LOVE that name!!! And i love that you'll be keeping his Ethiopian name as his middle - that's what we're planning on doing as well. So happy for you guys!