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Saturday, January 1, 2011

December Update

We received our December update this week! It is the last one we'll get before we travel to meet our little guy! We were so excited to learn more about him as we are preparing ourselves to spend a week with him in January. Here are some of the highlights...

  • Elias weighs 24 pounds and is 31 inches tall! We love how much he's grown since being in the wonderful care of our adoption agency's transition home, even though its hard watching him grow up so much in pictures.
  • He is still taking formula 5 times a day, but is learning to drink it from a cup by himself.
  • He has been healthy all month! (Praising God for this as it is quite uncommon in a orphanage setting!)
  • He is described as being content, although sometimes afraid of strangers. He likes to cuddle with his nannies.
The questions we asked this month...

  • What are G's favorite things to play with? Does G* have a favorite toy? "He likes to play with people and plays with any toy he gets."
  • What makes G* smile and laugh? "He laughs when tickled and when the nannies cuddle with him."
  • Does G* have a special friend he enjoys playing with? "No, he plays with everyone."
  • What is G's favorite food? Is there a food he does not like? "He eats all of the food at the Transitional Home. He likes pastini (baby pasta)."
  • How does G* act around new or unfamiliar people? "He is sometimes afraid, quiet, and reserved to new people."
We also got some new pictures of our little sweetie! He had his first haircut this month, and it was such a shock to see him without his curls! Charlie really liked his new look (but then again, he's got a shaved head too!), but I sort of miss the 'fro he had. The haircut definitely makes him look more like a little boy and not so much of a baby anymore. In Ethiopian culture, its believed that if you shave a child's head for the first two years of life, the hair will grow back in fuller, thicker, and curlier. I hope that's true because I am so excited to play with his curly hair!!

We just cannot wait to meet this amazing little boy for ourselves! TWO more weeks!!!

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  1. Such GREAT info! May it bless your mommy heart as you wait the next few weeks to meet him! Cant wait to see pics! :D