"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 Months DTE!

Today we celebrated our two-month DTE anniversary! We have officially been on the waiting list for a baby boy for two months now. We started at #18 on the "unofficial" wait list (kept by our agency's Yahoo support group) and at our one-month DTE anniversary, we were #16. As of today, we are now #9... plus five of the families ahead of us recently received their "On Deck" e-mails letting them know that they could expect a referral soon! We have been so excited to see such wonderful movement in the adoption world over the last few weeks. Its such a blessing to see God's hand at work uniting these forever families, and we truly can't wait until its our turn! We know God has a very special boy waiting for us, and we are so anxious to see who he is!


  1. Your blog is super cute! Ours needs a major update but I haven't had time and don't quite know what to do!

    Happy waiting!


  2. Wow, I'm so excited for you Laura!! I can't wait to hear the big news!!!